15 March 2011

Race update

So I have a race schedule, somewhat, setup.  I'll be looking at some other 5k's to work into the schedule as the spring time draws near and we get into summer.  Really going to try and do the 10k at the Arts Festival but I'm still on the fence at this point.

First race coming up:  
Special Olympics Beaver Stadium 5k Run
Sunday, April 17th 2011
I'm trying to raise $310 for the Special Olympics.  Figured it's a 5k, I don't know enough people to raise $5k ;), but I should be able to raise 3.1.  $3.10 was a little too low, $31 didn't seem right either, so $310.  I'm almost halfway there.  If you'd like to help out you can click here to get to my page.  Thank you for your support.


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