15 February 2011


Are you a runner?  Athlete?  Social bug?  Then you have to check out The DailyMile.  This is the best site packed with encouraging people doing the exact same thing as you.  You may be struggling with your workout, no motivation to get out there and put in a mile or 2, but when you start talking with the people on this site, it changes your world!

I've been a member since the end of last year, so just short time.  I was looking for a site that would help me track my milage and workouts.  A friend recommended this site and I've been hooked since.  I didn't put myself out there right away and only had 2 friends that happen to be coworkers.  Then I posted a message on the forum titled "1 month later" and immediately got 3 responses.  Just a simple post to say I was there, no requests or anything.  Since then I have responded to a number of posts and became friends/motivators with 47 people!  I'm not the most popular, nor the most vocal, but these people are amazing, always there, always supportive, always helpful.  Not a day goes by that I don't look forward to posting my workout/run and checking out what other people are doing, or reading the questions and answers in the forums from what to eat, to how to train for a full marathon.

This is a great resource and should be a stopping point and bookmark for all browsers that are active.  It's your chance to join a family that is there for you and will help you through the tough spots.


Jessica Miller said...

I love daily mile!!

Meggs said...

I just found the place and I'm so glad to have already met about 14-15 really awesome motivating pals. What I love about it is that all I can do is walk right now - long story (I posted about it in the Newbie forum there) - but that there are some SERIOUS running junkies who have already started to pick me up and motivate me to keep moving. Thanks for being one of those people! God bless you! =)


Anonymous said...

I haven't ventured out very far since I'm in one of those over analyzing phases that's off-putting, but everyone I've friended has been very kind and supportive.

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