02 February 2011

Vibram Five Fingers Update

At one point I had a blog, don't remember where it was that I made a post about getting my first pari of VFF for running, working out and just generally wearing them around.

So it's a year later and I'm looking at a couple different pairs of VFF to add to my collection and I thought I would post an update as to what my experience has been with my first pair.

I had a friend of mine mention that I should "take it easy" when I first got them, and she wasn't crazy.  The first time I tried them out I used the treadmill in our basement.  I did a 40 minute run, 10 minutes heel, 10 minutes forefoot, then repeated this and kept the treadmill on or around 4.  After my test I felt great, thought it went well, and was looking forward to my next run.  Needless to say that was not "taking it easy" and I was walking funny for the next couple days.  It didn't take too long and everything was fine and I would use them every time I went for a run.

I also used them for working out and used them when we went to swim in the creek.  I have the KSO's and absolutely love them.  I did get some funny looks in Wegman's when I was waiting in line, but that was fine.

I looking forward to my next pair and plan to wear them as much as I can, I have a distinct feeling that I'll be living in them over the summer.


Anonymous said...

My brother in law loves his. He also didn't take it easy his first time out but it didn't stop him from singing their praises.

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