08 February 2011

Barefoot running

I'm avid about outdoors and activity so it may be no surprise one of the sites that I like to check out is Outside online and just today I came across an article on their site titled "The 8 Essentials of Barefoot Running".  This was interesting to me since I have a pair of VFF KSO's and looking at the Komodo Sport and TrekSport.  It has some good tips and techniques for transitioning from traditional running to barefoot running.

This has been something that I've been interested in since I got my first pair last year.  I started off using them for running, working out and also for water sports.  This peaked my interest in using them more often and looking at some of the other styles.  So here I am a year later and about to venture in to using them more.  I've been looking at more Injinji socks to wear with them, I have two pairs right now, a white pair and a black pair, the black pair is my cold weather wool pair.

So we'll see where this takes me, I'm going to try and keep this more up to date with what's going on and experiences with them rather than waiting another year.


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