31 August 2011


So today is day 6 of INSANITY.  Everything is going well.  I did day 5 workouts last night.  I did Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs.  Pure cardio was just that.  Cardio, take a break when you need it, but keep pushing.  Cardio abs is very similar.  Ab work for 15+ minutes straight, from the C-Sit postion and plank.  Great stuff!

Barefoot Shoes

I've been a Fivefinger guy for over a year now.  Not sure that these would be the same thing, but they do look interesting.

More Barefoot Shoes
29 August 2011


Today's workout was a lighter one.  Cardio Recovery.  Some lighter controlled cardio and core work.  Still work up a sweat and work those muscles, but a great break before things get INSANE again :)

Counting down the days to P90X2, won't be long now and we'll be able to pre-order it.
28 August 2011


Day 3 was a great workout.  Cardio power and Resistance.  Cardio, leg, core work.  Great stuff.

If you haven't heard of the beachbody trainers or workouts before, check them out!
27 August 2011


The FitTest on day 1 gave me a glimpse of what was to come.  Day 2 was Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  Great workout!

I'm still working on my site, but you can check it out for more information or just ask me!

You can also check out my Facebook page or my Coach page!
26 August 2011


So day 1 of INSANITY.  This was the Fit Test.  Know you can understand the warnings prior to workout videos and why they are there.  I was sweaty and humble after this fit test.  Didn't start off too badly, but then as you can see, it trickled off toward the end.

We'll see what the next fit tests have and if I can improve!  Stay tuned!

Move Fit Test 1
(Day 1)
Fit Test 2
(Day 15)
Fit Test 3
(Day 36)
Fit Test 4
(Day 50)
Fit Test 5
(Day 63)
Switch Kicks
Power Jacks
Power Knees
Power Jumps
Globe Jumps
Suicide Jumps
Push-Up Jacks
Low Plank Oblique
25 August 2011

13.1 Reasons to Run a Half Marathon

Nice article on 13.1 Reasons to Run a Half Marathon on the active.com website.

This comes at a crucial time as I'm trying to figure out if I have enough time to train for the local half that I had my eye on prior to the summer disappearing before my eyes.

It's the first week of December, so there is some time left.  I've looked at a couple training programs, but those all went beyond race day.  So we'll see if I'm able to get something in place in order to accomplish this or not.
24 August 2011


Just a little something I'm working on for my blog space:

Markx Monday
Tuesdays Tip
Training Tuesday
Wacky Wednesday
Thirsty Thursday
Fun Friday

MarkxLife (Still a work in progress):

Just some thoughts about how to give some order to the chaos that is the list of draft posts that I have that is longer than the list of active posts on here.  

I'm still playing around with it when I have time so hopefully you'll see something solid soon.  Also coming close to finishing my Coach site.  More about that later.
23 August 2011

Catching up

The one thing about using a watch to track all your workouts is making sure that you remember to have watch, cable and cradle in the same location in order to get the workouts off the watch and on to the computer to use in some fashion.

I happen to have the problem of not having those close at all and just caught myself up yesterday by adding 15 workouts to my Garmin connect account and my Dailymile profile.

I'm still figuring out the best method to track workouts and nutrition.  Currently I'm using Dailymile and Dailyburn.  Now, since I'm taken on the role of Beachbody Coach, I also have those tools to use in order to keep track of things and plan my workouts.  The nice thing about using the Beachbody website is that if your using one of the workout programs they offer, you can just select that workout program and the entire program gets put on your calendar!  Easy.

I'm off to do more work on my site and try to get it up and running in some usable fashion.
22 August 2011

Next Phase

Just a quick post to update everyone.

I recently took on the role of Independent Beachbody Coach.  I'm going to try and make sure that I post on here daily as well as my other blog, the new blog I'm creating for Beachbody, Facebook and twitter.  This along with everything else that's going on will be something I will have to work towards achieving.  I'm optimistic and have high hopes that I can accomplish this along with the rest of life (class, family, work, breathing)

That being said, I have started the Shakeology 3 day cleanse today.  Basically you have 3 shakes a day with a salad for dinner and some fruit as a snack for 3 days.  I'll let you know after day 3 how it all went.

Thursday I'm starting the Insanity workout program, and from what I've heard about it so far, this should be an experience.

Incase your curious, here are my Beachbody websites:

Any other questions, feel free to contact me.

Stay tuned for more posts, video posts and updated sites.