About Me

I'm an IT Consultant and live an active lifestyle.  I own 2 horses, run, teach and enjoy all things sports and outdoors.  I played all sports, except basketball in school and try to get involved in some kind of activity after work.

I've run 4k's, 5k's and was part of a 4-man team for the Tussey Mountainback 50 miler.  This year I also completed the Warrior Dash.  I love the water and enjoy sailing and other boating activities.

I really started getting interested in a healthy lifestyle in the summer of 2007 but for various reasons really didn't take it to the level I wanted and needed to until the end of 2010.

Started off 2011 running every other day and lifting weights on the off days.  The lifting lasted for a couple months, but I never returned.  I continued to run until June 2011 when my schedule was packed and I made other things the priority.

I have since returned to working out.  I’m currently doing the INSANITY program and plan to move on to P90X, P90X2 and INSANITY: THE ASYLUM.  I will also work in a running program and strive to accomplish my goal of completing a half and full marathon.

As you get older your body changes and when I was younger I took that for granted.  I was always active, but not aware.  Now I’m aware and active.  Hopefully we can change the awareness across the country so that we can all live healthy lifestyles and be there for our family and friends.

Here's a quote that I like:
Just because something is difficult, doesn't mean you shouldn't try; it means you should just try harder. - Unknown

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