18 April 2011

Visual history of shoes infographic

Great blog post with a Visual history of shoes infographic.

Looking at the infographic brings back some memories.  You?

1946, the bunny slippers.  I don't know about the rest of you but I happen to have a pair of Mickey Mouse slippers.  Never did the bunny ones, but as the graphic says, Ralphie sported the whole suit!

How about 1989 with the Reebok pump.  Did you have a pair of pumps?  I know I did, to top it off, I'm one of those that had the bright black/red/yellow pairs :) ... oh yeah.

For those people in the IT field, you know how there are names for software that are normally given in beta or at some point?  (Mac OS X has gone through a handful of cats)  So do you think that back in 2006, Vibram named the first pair of FiveFingers "Lucy" :)


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