15 June 2011

Warrior Dash PA 2011

This past Sunday was the Warrior Dash in Albrightsville PA.  This was my first time doing to the Dash and I must say, it will now be an annual event!  I highly recommend getting to one if your able.
Pre race, nice and clean.


It was in PA remember.

Junk yard and tires.

Spidermaned it through the mud, so ended up not as muddy as others.

Post race pic at the sign.

Time for a shower.  Man was that water cold!

Wet, cold, happy and showing off the new necklace.

After a cold shower and some dry clothes, just had to put the helmet on :)  Not sure what that funky expression is though.

All in all a great experience and had a blast.  See you next year!


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