10 December 2010

Droid App - LauncherPro

Along with many others I switched to the Motorola Droid phone and I must say, coming from an iPhone, it's a great phone.  Just like any other technology, more phones came out that are faster, have a better display etc. but I'm just going to wait for the next year and see how the phones play out.

One application that I looked for when I first got the phone was one that would modify the layout and interaction of the display.  I looked at different applications that you could add themes to allowing you to change the total look and feel of the layout.  It would change the background, the shortcuts and add different functionality.  Some of the applications that I tried did have a fee associated with them, well, all but one.  The one that didn't, is the one that I have stuck with ever since.  LauncherPro.

The basic version is free and you do get some great features.  The other option is getting the Pro version to add a little more functionality to the display.  After using the basic version for a while I did upgrade, not only to get the added functions that were being developed, but also to support the developer.  Not many people take a moment to think that there is someone on the other end of the application putting their own time into these apps that we then download and use.


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